'Transition' Physical Album

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'Transition' Album

Collectors Item, Last copies of THE ORIGINAL PRESS in existence!

Physical Copy 

1. High Up in the Clouds (Prod. Eztayla)
2. Tragic Kingdom (Prod. Louden)
3. Nothing to Say (Prod. Spok Beats)
4. Low Low Lonely (Prod. Louden)
5. Reflection (Prod. Infameezy)
6. Pretty Smile (Prod. Figub Brazlevič)
7. Get So Sad (Prod. Louden)
8. The First Time (Prod. Spok Beats)
9. Long Way to Go (Prod. Louden)
10. These Streets (Prod. Louden)
11. Dream World "You Aren't Real" (Prod. Louden)
12. Childhood Memories (Prod. Figub Brazlevič)
13. Weight (Prod. Louden)
14. Nothing Left (Prod. Spok Beats)
15. The Transition (Prod. Figub Brazlevič)
16. Goodbye (Prod. Fourth Beats)
17. It is what It is (Prod. Figub Brazlevič)
18. Step the Fuck Back (Prod. Louden)
19. Need Me Pt. 2 (Prod. Louden)
20. Bitches ain't Shit (Prod. Juliano)
21. Whole Lotta Thug (Alchemist)
22. Give it Time (J Dilla)