'Pura Vida' Print

'Pura Vida' Print

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'Pura Vida' Prints

This is a piece I created that was inspired by my recent, spontaneous trip to Costa Rica. The slogan for Costa Rica is "PURA VIDA," which means 'PURE LIFE' in English, which in real-life English in-the-streets conversation would actually translate into something more like, 'living a great life full of tranquility & peace.'

Everywhere I went, almost everyone said 'Pura Vida' at one point in the conversation. It's a big thing over there & I understand why. CR brought me so much happiness & tranquility.

It was a much needed trip. I evolved so much being there. I came back a different version of myself & I am currently her.

I couldn't stop smiling during the trip & I wanted to capture the way I was feeling so I could remember it later. I felt so blessed & beautiful, inside & out, being there & this picture is an encapsulation of that feeling. I hope whoever runs into it is filled with the joy I experienced in Costa Rica.

I freestyle sketched most of this drawing out with a pencil & then I finalized its outline with thin markers & some, I drew directly on to the paper with marker.
These are the first official prints of my art & also my first time using water colors.

- Reverie

9x6" Original Artwork by Reverie
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