Thursday December 14, 2016 @ 11:50 - Chicago, IL (USA)

I landed in Chicago today with Enkrypt, DJ Lala & Orange Beat.
It feels great to be back.
We took the metro all the way from the airport in to the city & walked in below freezing weather from the train stop to the hotel, carrying our luggage. I had no gloves so my hands not only felt like they were on fire, but they also hurt so fucking bad. It's a trip how when your body is freezing, it feels very similar to when you're getting burned, even though they are polar opposites.
We ate some shitty fast food burgers, had a beer, then got scooped up.
We drove around the city & enjoyed the night lights & the beautiful Chicago city sky line. Then we got lost, for 30 minutes, but we didn't mind cuz we were just enjoying being here.
I got recognized at the smoke shop.
Now we're back home at the hotel & I'm bout to edit this #Scheming video that Enkrypt & I shot in Amsterdam & Athens. It drops Friday. It's finna be dope.
This Friday I have 2 shows in Chicago. Info on
Peace out world.
Photo by @Enkrypt_LosAngeles

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  • The universe is alligning, that’s science, your song was there perfect timing. Just peeped that video and tagged my friend that just got back from Amsterdam and loved the jam ? we ain’t for human ways but I be damned…thank jah for mutha fukn Instagram ???✈? p.s sorry I’m a ham..really just a newly truly devoted fan. To me fam from across the land.

    • Monica
  • Dope bro, I didn’t realise that you edited some of your videos too. I’ve just discovered your music, best hip hop that I’ve heard in a while. ?

    • Josh Grey NZ
  • hey revs. love you.

    • delia zepeda
  • You’re a really good writer.